How to Properly Prep Your Home for Springtime

As our homes thaw after a frigid northeast winter, the warm sunshine inspires us to get a jump on yearly spring cleaning and maintenance. While many of Pennsylvania’s treasured homeowners prioritize decluttering and organization this time of year, many overlook various household maintenance chores necessary for a home to function efficiently.  As the temperature rises, […]

What Not to Put in a Garbage Disposal

Despite popular belief, the garbage disposal in your drain is not a black hole capable of swallowing up any form of matter or material. Like the other appliances in your kitchen, the garbage disposal has a specific use and purpose and requires proper installation and regular maintenance. A garbage disposal consists of a group of […]

Mold Symptoms & Prevention

A prevalent but potentially harmful homeowner complication, mold (sometimes called “black mold”), accumulates when a high concentration of spores collects indoors. Microscopic spores exist in nearly every indoor environment, but pesky mold appears when optimal conditions allow these microbes to amass and thrive. Where does mold come from?  Mold is a type of fungus, so […]