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Residential Bathroom Remodel

Add Value and Comfort to Your Home with a Benditt Mechanical Bathroom Remodel

Even tiny half bathrooms can significantly impact a home’s worth. In fact, adding a bathroom can increase home value by an average of 5%. Don’t have the space or budget for an extra bathroom? Consider renovating your current bathroom to add value and functionality. Zillow data shows that bathroom remodels yield the biggest returns in boosting value. Our bathroom remodeling contractors proudly serve Philadelphia and the surrounding Main Line area.

Small Room, Big Value

Don’t let a bathroom’s size fool you. They’re a treasured part of your home! All bathrooms should be convenient for both residents and guests. A renovated bathroom adds profitability and convenience to any home. The best bathroom remodels can give even the tiniest Philadelphia house significant value.

Benditt Mechanical can create the perfect bathroom for your home. We specialize in senior living optimization and implementing more modern fixtures. Bathroom renovations can be a pain, but our contractors will walk you through every step. We’ll determine your bathroom remodel cost and appropriate design aesthetic. Most of all, we’ll execute your vision while maintaining the highest industry standards.

Signs Your Bathroom Needs a Remodel

  1. Outdated or Faded Colors – Break away from the all-white! A vibrant coat of paint brightens any bathroom. 
  2. Drips or Leaks – Pooling in sinks or around bathtubs can indicate a need for plumbing updates. Assess surfaces for stains and indications of water damage.
  3. Presence of Mold – Water accumulation usually leads to mold infestation. Mold presence can cause severe damage to your home and health.
  4. Poor Layout Design – Homeowners should arrange furniture to optimize space and function. This is especially true in senior bathrooms. The area shouldn’t feel cramped, even if it’s small.
  5. Insufficient Lighting – Older homes frequently feature limited lighting. Consider ways to increase the amount of natural light or add more lighting fixtures.
  6. Lack of Storage Spaces – Suitable bathrooms require adequate storage space. Your bathroom might need more shelves or cabinets to suit changing household needs.
  7. Antiquated Decor – Fixtures like faucets, knobs, and showerheads should feel modern. Do away with outdated features like carpeting, pastel tubs and toilets, and popcorn ceilings.
  8. Structural Damage – Chipped tiles, cracked floors, and broken pipes are obvious signs that your bathroom needs an upgrade.

A modern bathroom should include:

  • Timeless Style
  • Aesthetic Form
  • Practical Function

With Our Expertise, Bathroom Renovation has Never Been Easier 

Home improvement projects often become unwieldy. The cost of your bathroom remodel plus contractors in your home is inconvenient. Luckily, our personable team of experts will handle everything from design to installation. We deliver superior service and professional installation for bathroom renovations of any scope. No job is too large or too small for the bathroom remodel Philadelphia contractors at Benditt Mechanical.

Call Benditt Mechanical's Expert Contractors for Bathroom Remodeling in the Philadelphia Area

Outdated plumbing and HVAC is a typical problem for homes in the Philadelphia Main Line area. Homeowners aiming to add value to their homes need a modern bathroom remodel. Our contractors have over three decades of experience, ensuring top-notch installations and service. For ideas on developing your dream bathroom, view our bathroom remodel suggestions for inspiration! Reach out to our customer service team to discuss an estimate, or browse our other services

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