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Residential Sinks & Faucets

An upgraded sink adds function and flair to any kitchen or bathroom

Certain rooms are incomplete without a proper sink. Kitchens and bathrooms need the right faucet system to ensure room usability. Other valuable rooms, such as laundry rooms or mudrooms, may also need a sink installation. The pro plumbers at Benditt Mechanical install and service all varieties of sinks and faucets for households throughout the Philadelphia Main Line area. 


Finding a Sink that Flows

To prevent smelly trash, you might feel tempted to put random items down the garbage disposal. However, putting any and everything in the garbage disposal can lead to severe damage and plumbing problems down the line. If your garbage disposal isn’t working, consider whether it can handle the type of waste you put into it.

Countless styles of kitchens and bathrooms exist. Your choice of sink can make or break the entire design and feel of the room. Plus, the ideal sink should fit the needs of your household. Consider these factors when browsing sink models:

  • Wear & Tear: How often are you tossing things into the sink? Is there a high risk of chipping or cracking?
  • Size Requirements: Do you have pets, cookware, or other belongings of substantial size that warrant frequent washing?
  • Flexibility & Range of Motion: Would your household benefit from accessibility features like a removable nozzle or hands-free tap?
  • Limited Counter Space: What type of sink optimizes space on your counter without sacrificing sink capabilities?

Allow Benditt Mechanical to help narrow down your design choices. Then, we can retrofit a proper sink that works for your entire home.

Popular Design Options for Sinks and Faucets

Design styles and capabilities highly depend on the room you’re renovating. What are you using that particular sink for most frequently? 

Undermount and drop-in sinks are versatile styles that you might find in either kitchens or bathrooms. Other models, however, fit better in a specific room due to their design features. The following list provides several examples of popular sink styles. They range from those typically found in kitchens to more bathroom-appropriate designs.

  • Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks: A deep-basin, apron-front model gaining popularity in vintage farmhouse kitchens
  • Undermount Sinks: A sleek style that creates seamless counter flow but requires additional weight support
  • Drop-In Sinks: A budget-friendly, easy-to-install model mounted over the counter, creating a lip around the rim
  • Vessel Bathroom Sinks: A deep, free-standing bowl or square basin that frees up counter space
  • Wall-Mounted Bathroom Sinks: A space-saving option secured by wall brackets for bathrooms with limited counters 

Selecting a Suitable Sink for Your Home

Your kitchen and bathroom surely need a practical sink and faucet combo. But how does a homeowner decide on the right model for the room?

Kitchen Sinks and Faucets

Consider the counter flow when selecting a kitchen sink. The model and material you choose for your kitchen sink should complement the counter design. Allow Benditt Mechanical’s skilled plumbers to help you decide on a sink design for your kitchen counter. We specialize in sink repair and installation and provide homeowners with professional plumbing guidance. For example:

  • Some counter types can’t support under-mount sinks due to their weight limit
  • Drop-in sinks are ideal for porous countertops as they’re prone to water damage
  • Apron-front kitchen sinks require ample counter space

Bathroom Sinks and Faucets

Bathroom sink designs rely less on counter flow and function and more on aesthetic design. This operational shift gives homeowners more style options for bathroom sinks. However, bathrooms are considerably smaller than kitchens. As a result, they often require space-saving sink models. Benditt Mechanical offers designs like wall-mounted and vessel bathroom sinks to preserve space.

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Are you looking to repair or upgrade your faucet hardware? Peak plumbing performance begins with contacting an experienced home improvement company like Benditt Mechanical. Our technicians have decades of expertise installing and servicing kitchen and bathroom sinks throughout Philadelphia, Ardmore, and the surrounding Main Line area. We affix the perfect bathroom tap or kitchen sink and faucet combo for your taste and household needs. Visit our website to request a quote or learn more about our plumbing and HVAC services.

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